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Father Frank's Kids, Inc. is dedicated to continuing the mission started by Father Frank Colacicco to help the orphaned and abandoned children of Central America. Today, Father Frank's Kids provides support to the orphanages run by Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH), in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Bolivia, and Peru.

Children of all ages are embraced by this loving family, Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, Spanish for Our Little Brothers and Sisters.

Some have been abandoned. Others have lost one or both parents and have no one to care for them. Many have physical and emotional scars that eventually heal as they begin to trust their new family.

These homes provide shelter, food, clothing, health-care and education in a Christian family environment. The children at the orphanages that we support are happy, loved, well fed, and well educated. They are given shelter from the harsh surroundings and the malaise of the streets. They are given a structure to help them persist without the support of parents. The orphanages house children from infancy through the high school age.

Each home strives to be self-sustaining. In Honduras, for example, the orphanage produces 1,500 fresh eggs and 300 liters of milk each day, meeting the needs of all who live there. The homes each have living spaces, a kitchen and a dining hall. There are chapels for worship, clinics and primary and secondary schools. There are workshops where children can learn trades such as carpentry and welding.

Through the principles of love, security, sharing, work and responsibility, the children begin to thrive. A careful balance of these five principles helps the children succeed and live in harmony.

Love and Security
The boys and girls are raised in a loving environment, secure in the knowledge they will never be forced to leave the home. They are promised they will never be separated from their siblings, nor given up for adoption. In addition to a good education, their spiritual and emotional needs are nourished, preparing them for adulthood with tools to break the cycle of poverty that once was their destiny.

Sharing, Work and Responsibility
In the homes, children are raised lovingly to share their possessions with others, be responsible for their actions and work hard in school. Every child has a daily job, from dusting and mopping to cooking and farming. The older youth give a year or more of service as house directors, medical assistants, craft apprentices, office staff and other important roles. As a result, the family needs fewer volunteers and paid staff. The children find pride in contributing to their family's survival. They keep each other accountable in their work, studies and relationships with others.

"An education," states NPH founder Fr. William B. Wasson, "will take my children out of the poverty into which they were born." Children are provided an education through the secondary level. The children are encouraged to pursue either a trade or further education. Some students are able to attend college on scholarships. In countries where the average education is at the 3rd grade level, these children not only survive but are given the tools to thrive and become valuable contributors to their countries.

Through the collection of usable clothing, furniture, bicycles, sports equipment and other household items we support the daily needs of over 1500 children in these Central American homes. Through the cash donations we receive, we are able to fund special projects for the homes that have included the purchase of a school bus for student transportation, building an outdoor amphitheatre which is used for Mass service, building an on-site play structure, and the purchase of sewing machines and industrial washers and dryers.

Father Frank's Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organi-zation, run solely by volunteers and without administrative overhead. All donations to the organization are used to fund and support our efforts. With your help, these children will be the next leaders of their country.

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