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Help us fill our upcoming container for El Salvador!

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Dear Supporters:

We are preparing our latest shipment to El Salvador by the end of the year,

Here is a list of items the home has requested.

We appreciate any support and donations to help us fill this shipment with these items.

God Bless!

Multifunctional printers

Sphygmomanometer for children (Blood pressure cuff)

Living room furniture

Filing cabinet


Waiting Room chairs for the clinic

Large pampers

Lubriderm lotion

Baby wipe towel

Lawn mower

Commercial edger/trimmer

Tungsten discs

Rotary hammer drill from ½ (D-Walk)

Polishing machine from 9” (D-Walk)

Tig Welder arc from 1.8 amperes

Compressor and accessories (with capacity of 3 HP)

Welding helmets

Self gripping pliers number 8

Estilson wrenches


Screwdriver set


Rebar tying pliers

Metal cutting disks of 9”

Tile cutter of 60 cms.






Chisels of different sizes

Plumbs Line

Welding torch

Cooper meter (to AC tube)

Pump (to do the vacuum in the AC tubes)

Refrigerant barrel (Genetron 22R)

Positioning belt

Leather gloves

Cable #12

20 feet extension ladder

2-step ladder 12 and 16 feet



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