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NPFS Haiti Day Camp for Vulnerable and Displaced Children

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Luke age 8, and his sister Violetta, age 6, were overjoyed to arrive at the day camp. This six-hour event gives Luke and Violetta the opportunity to get out of their makeshift collapsed home and away from the destroyed community in which they live. Only five blocks away from St Damien Pediatric Hospital, this community dubbed "Near the American Embassy", is one of four targeting
communities that our team services.

The children are picked up in the morning (7-ish) and brought back in the afternoon around 3 pm. Hermanos Mayores, or youths that grew up at our home in NPFS Haiti, organize activities and prepare the food for the children, with the supervision of Program Director, Alfonso Leon and Social Worker, Philippe.

Today’s agenda consisted of singing, a blessing from Fr Rick, karaoke, soccer, jump rope, games, animated skits and a reading lesson. Shortly after the 86 children arrived, they ate a Francisville freshly baked whole-wheat roll with peanut butter and a glass or milk. For lunch it was rice and beans, hot dog, lettuce, tomato and corn salad.

Luke explained that since the earthquake, his family does not have much food to eat. Violetta said that she likes to come to the camp and wishes she could come everyday. Right now the communities arrive for day camp on a rotating schedule.

Over thirty Hermanos Mayores were the key in making this activity a successful event. After suffering many losses themselves, they are able to have the inner strength to reach out to these children and create a special atmosphere for them. It is truly a testament to Fr. Wasson’s philosophy of sharing and practicing charity.

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