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We at Father Franks Kids were fortunate to travel to Haiti earlier this year, below is a letter Fr. Gerry recently wrote describing our experience.



 Last February, I visited Haiti with three St. Isidore parishioners involved in Fr. Frank’s Kids apostolate.

More than 300,000 lives were lost in the 2010 earthquake, 300,000 were injured and 1 million were left homeless. During our visit, we witnessed the value of faith and life in the face of huge obstacles. We visited St. Damien’s Hospital, founded by Fr. Rick Frechette, which provides long-term care for hundreds of critically ill children and outpatient services for over 20,000 children and adults annually. Fr. Frechette, 59, a Passionist priest, saw the overwhelming medical needs in Haiti and returned to the United States to attend medical school at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, and then returned to Haiti in 1999 as a licensed physician. Although he is a doctor, that’s not the title he normally hears. “Everyone calls me father,” he said.

Fr. Frechette organizes and leads teams who recover and bury the bodies of the sick who die alone and abandoned. When I attended a funeral at St. Damien’s Hospital and con-celebrated the Mass with Fr. Rick the poignancy of Haiti’s plight was brought home to me in the sharpest possible way. There was a coffin before the altar and three stretchers. Two of the stretchers bore the bodies of adults. The third held the remains of six children – some just newborns, judging by the size of the tiny makeshift body bags. Before the service started, each stretcher was covered with a decorative blanket. The banner draped over the children’s stretcher bore the words ‘Child of God’ in black stitches.

Fr. Rick entered the hospital chapel singing with a booming voice that was clearly a comfort to the mourning families. His vestments were pristine. The only testament to the other aspects of his working day was a pair of strong and dusty working boots. The service was intensely respectful. The small congregation was encouraged to join hands and stand in a circle over the bodies. Fr. Rick prayed at the coffin and the stretchers – taking particular time and care over the bodies of  the children and babies. In his sermon, delivered in French and Creole, Fr. Rick asserted the dignity of the lives of the dead – whether they were years, or just hours long. Sadly, Fr. Rick has to conduct this funeral service on a daily basis with many bodies present.

When I returned to St. Isidore Parish, I had to struggle to come to terms with the fact that such heartbreak is just one of the daily realities of life in Haiti. Our problems here seemed ‘petty’. 

One of the few jewels in Haiti is the orphanage we support through our sponsorship of Fr. Frank’s Kids. During my visit it was inspiring to meet a little six year old called Moses. This little boy at four years escaped death by drowning in a flood when his grandmother climbed a tree and set him afloat in a basket before she drowned. He was found down river and taken to the orphanage. The orphanage is home to 450+ children. Two young adults – Lucien Profet and Erve Joselus — from the orphanage are now studying accounting and business management at the university. Seven more graduating students are about to embark on a university education. There are many plans for the future of the orphanage, including a library and a computer-learning center for the kids to increase interest in reading and different subjects.

Next weekend, we will have an opportunity to support these children. The Directors of the Orphanage want the children to be prime candidates for employment when they finish school, be responsible and independent and make a good life for themselves in their country. They ask for our prayers in achieving their goal and thank us for our kindness and continued support, making their work at Kay Sainte Helene possible.

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Father Frank’s Kids Video Interview Live on YouTube!

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Father Frank’s Kids Video Interview Live on YouTube!

Hi All,


Please pass this on, its short, and to the sweet point of sponsorship.



Mary Ann Cadorna

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2012 Teen Trip Photo

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One of our Teens with Pequenos from Guatemala

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