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Upcoming Guatemala Shipment Needs!

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We are preparing our next shipment to Guatemala and have received the below requests from the home:

Please contact Mike Hertel  ( or 925-997-8990 if you can help!!!

backpacks for 17 girls:
6 spiral notebooks with lines
1 geometry set (rulers, compass, protractor, etc)
3 pens (red, blue, black)
1 compass
2 erasers
3 pencils
2 staplers
1 Casio scientific calculator
1 spiral notebook with blank pages
1 spiral notebook with graph paper
1 set of markers (thick, large)
1 set of crayons
30 sheets of 80 gram drawing paper
1 2 gigabye USB
1 bottle of glue (100ml)
1 thick tape
1 large english and Spanish dictionary


Gel or Pressure Relieving Wheelchair cushion for deep sacral pressure ulcer

Safety Belts
Wall Clocks
Metal Shelving
Extension Cords
Carpentry Room Curtains
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Gravity Paint Guns
7×1 Grinding Wheels
Transparent Safety Masks
Screwdriver Sets
Clothing Racks for Drying Clothes
Concentrated Window Cleaner
 Desk Lamp
King Size Blanket
Adult Rain Jackets
Rubbermaid Waste Receptacles
 Dining  Room Tables
Towel Bars
Boxes of colored crayons – set of 12
Black permanent markers
Blue permanent markers
3 Inch Capacity Ring Binders
File Cabinet with 4 drawers
Sofa set medium-size
Medium Size carpet
Tape recorder
Elastic of different colors
Storybooks and personal reflections in Spanish
Plastic benches
Toy cars
Jump Ropes
children’s dishes for playing
Jacks games and ping pong
Legos games 25 and 50 pieces
Puzzles of animals, plants and other
CDs of children’s music in Spanish
CDs of stories and personal reflections in Spanish
Crystal beads of all kinds and wire to make jewelry
Bolts of cloth different thickness and color


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Plese Help-Shipping Container to Honduras-Supplies Needed!

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Fr. Frank’s Kids Needs Your Donations to Help the Children of Honduras


Father Frank’s Kids is collecting goods to ship to the Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos home in Honduras.  Please help support the 527 children in the care of  NPH Honduras.


The orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children in the NPH Honduras home need the following:

  • Disposable diapers – all sizes
  • Folding tables  6’ and 8’ length (“Lifetime” brand available at Costco)
  • Folding chairs (“Lifetime” brand)
  • Battery back-up units for computers – uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) – need 10-15 due to frequent power outages*
  • Computer projectors – used in the classrooms for presentations – need 5-10*
  • “Deep cycle” boat or RV batteries – need 20 – these are used for the homes solar power system*
  • Machetes – need 300 – these are used for harvesting on the farm
  • Gently used children’s/teen clothing


*Note that electronics in Central America are extremely expensive.  In most cases, it is less expensive to buy them here and ship them.  If you would like to make a monetary donation toward the purchases of any of these items, please contact Donna Clancy at


Donations may be left at the House on the Hill after all masses.  To arrange to drop off at a different time, please contact Mike Hertel at (925) 855-9407 or or Donna Clancy.


Father Frank’s Kids, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  All contributions are tax deductible.  For additional information go to or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Latest News

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On Saturday, October 12, 2013 St. Isidore Church will be hosting its 7th annual Father Frank’s Fiesta silent auction and dinner, to help raise funds to support Father Frank’s Kids.  We would like to request your support.

Father Frank’s Kids, Inc. is an organization dedicated to continuing the mission started by Father Frank Colacicco to help the orphaned and abandoned children of Central America. Today, Father Frank’s Kids provides support to the orphanages run by Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Children of all ages are embraced by this loving family, Nuestros Pequeños Hermamos, which is Spanish for Our Little Brothers and Sister.  Some have been abandoned; others have lost one or both parents and have no one to care for them.  Many have physical and emotional scars that eventually heal as they begin to trust their new family.

These homes provide shelter, food, clothing, healthcare, and education in a Christian family environment.  The children at the orphanages that we support are happy, loved, well-fed, and well-educated.  They are given shelter from the harsh surroundings and the malaise of the streets. They are given structure to help them persist with the support of parents.  The orphanages house children from infancy through the high school age.

Each home strives to be self-sustained.  In Honduras, for example, the orphanage produces 1,500 fresh eggs and 300 liters of milk each day, meeting the needs of all who live there.  The homes each have living spaces, a kitchen, and a dining hall.  There are chapels for worship, clinics, and primary and secondary schools.  There are workshops where children can learn trades, such as carpentry and welding.

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Help us fill our upcoming container for El Salvador!

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Dear Supporters:

We are preparing our latest shipment to El Salvador by the end of the year,

Here is a list of items the home has requested.

We appreciate any support and donations to help us fill this shipment with these items.

God Bless!

Multifunctional printers

Sphygmomanometer for children (Blood pressure cuff)

Living room furniture

Filing cabinet


Waiting Room chairs for the clinic

Large pampers

Lubriderm lotion

Baby wipe towel

Lawn mower

Commercial edger/trimmer

Tungsten discs

Rotary hammer drill from ½ (D-Walk)

Polishing machine from 9” (D-Walk)

Tig Welder arc from 1.8 amperes

Compressor and accessories (with capacity of 3 HP)

Welding helmets

Self gripping pliers number 8

Estilson wrenches


Screwdriver set


Rebar tying pliers

Metal cutting disks of 9”

Tile cutter of 60 cms.






Chisels of different sizes

Plumbs Line

Welding torch

Cooper meter (to AC tube)

Pump (to do the vacuum in the AC tubes)

Refrigerant barrel (Genetron 22R)

Positioning belt

Leather gloves

Cable #12

20 feet extension ladder

2-step ladder 12 and 16 feet



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Fr Franks Kids send shipping container to Nicaragua!

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Father Frank’s Kids Our latest container loaded with donated goods is ready to go! It contains  20 cases of Medical Supplies from Med Share, 156 boxes of clothing for all ages, 12 boxes of shoes, thumb drives, lice combs, hair clippers, toys, school supplies, dry erase markers, tools, sprinkler parts, restaurant size stock pots, pans, utensils, Volleyballs and nets, sports uniforms, sports equipment, a hospital bed, dental supplies, flashlights, knee and ankle braces….the list goes on and on! Thank you to all our donors and supporters!


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2012 Fr. Franks Kids Fiesta Sponsors!

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We would like the thank the following 2012 Fiesta sponsors:


Tamara Katz   (925) 969-2138  PO  box 1269, Discovery Bay, CA 94505


Across The World Adoptions
Phone: (925) 356-6260
Fax: (925) 827-9396

395 Taylor Blvd., Suite 116   Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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Collecting Donations for the Nicaragua Home

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The Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) orphanage in Nicaragua is home to 286 orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children.  About half the children are in grammar school and middle school while the other half attends high school.  They also have 20 pequeños attending universities.

Father Frank’s Kids is collection donations that we will ship to the home in a large shipping container.  The director of the home recently sent FFK an impassioned plea for many of the day-to-day items needed to feed, clothe, house and educate the children.  Please help us by donating any of the following: (bolded items are in extremely short supply)

  • Clothing for toddlers to teens – jeans, shorts, t-shirts, dress shirts, dresses
  • Socks & underwear (new)    
  • Tennis shoes, dress shoes and sandals (new or gently used)
  • School backpacks
  • School supplies – pencils, pens, note books, crayons, white board markers, crayons, copy paper, periodic tables
  • Large pots, pans and utensils for cafeteria
  • Plastic plates and cups (not disposable)
  • Sewing machines
  • Flashlights
  • Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries w/ chargers
  • Toiletries – toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, hand sanitizer
  • Towels, sheets (twin), pillows, pillowcases
  • Orthopedic supplies – ankle/knee supports and braces, slings
  • Copy machine (newer)
  • Soccer equipment – balls, cleats, shin guards
  • Baseball equipment
  • PA system
  • Guitars
  • Automotive repair tools
  • Carpentry equipment – hand tools and power tools, table saw, lathe

Donations can be dropped off at the House on the Hill.  We gladly accept cash donations to purchase the needed items.  Questions?  Ann Ferrante 743-1935; Ronn O’Connor 837-6421

Father Frank’s Kids Fiesta & Auction – Please save the date for the 2013 FFK Fiesta & Auction that will be held on Saturday, October 12, 2013.

If you have items to donate to the auction (i.e. wine, gift certificates, vacation home, etc.) please call Jennifer Walsh at (415) 699-0919

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Updated: 08.01.2012

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We don’t currently have any special requests, but the following is a list of items that are needed for each shipment:

Boy’s and Girl’s Clothing (in good condition)
Tennis Shoes (Tie the laces together so the pair won’t get separated)White sport socks (all sizes)
Sheets, pillow cases, and light-weight blankets (Twin bed sizes)

Hygiene Products:
Deodorant, shampoo, bar soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes, Bath towels

Computers (Laptop or Desktop with Pentium 4 processor or later)
Bicycles (in good condition)
Sports equipment (Basketballs, soccer balls, etc.)

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