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Upcoming Guatemala Shipment Needs!

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We are preparing our next shipment to Guatemala and have received the below requests from the home:

Please contact Mike Hertel  ( or 925-997-8990 if you can help!!!

backpacks for 17 girls:
6 spiral notebooks with lines
1 geometry set (rulers, compass, protractor, etc)
3 pens (red, blue, black)
1 compass
2 erasers
3 pencils
2 staplers
1 Casio scientific calculator
1 spiral notebook with blank pages
1 spiral notebook with graph paper
1 set of markers (thick, large)
1 set of crayons
30 sheets of 80 gram drawing paper
1 2 gigabye USB
1 bottle of glue (100ml)
1 thick tape
1 large english and Spanish dictionary


Gel or Pressure Relieving Wheelchair cushion for deep sacral pressure ulcer

Safety Belts
Wall Clocks
Metal Shelving
Extension Cords
Carpentry Room Curtains
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Gravity Paint Guns
7×1 Grinding Wheels
Transparent Safety Masks
Screwdriver Sets
Clothing Racks for Drying Clothes
Concentrated Window Cleaner
 Desk Lamp
King Size Blanket
Adult Rain Jackets
Rubbermaid Waste Receptacles
 Dining  Room Tables
Towel Bars
Boxes of colored crayons – set of 12
Black permanent markers
Blue permanent markers
3 Inch Capacity Ring Binders
File Cabinet with 4 drawers
Sofa set medium-size
Medium Size carpet
Tape recorder
Elastic of different colors
Storybooks and personal reflections in Spanish
Plastic benches
Toy cars
Jump Ropes
children’s dishes for playing
Jacks games and ping pong
Legos games 25 and 50 pieces
Puzzles of animals, plants and other
CDs of children’s music in Spanish
CDs of stories and personal reflections in Spanish
Crystal beads of all kinds and wire to make jewelry
Bolts of cloth different thickness and color


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